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Jeanette Dale 38/40mm Ladies Silver Heart #51

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Ladies Leather Band Size

This purchase includes Handcrafted Native American Heart Shaped Sterling Silver and Coral watch tips with Ladies Riveted Black Leather iBand for Apple WATCH  Series 1 38mm thru Series 6 40mm. The Apple WATCH 38/40mm is not included.

Jeanette Dale does lovely work on this silver heart #51. The iBand consists of two Sterling Silver Tips with 38/40mm Apple WATCH adapters and a ladies leather expansion band. The Heart Shaped Sterling Silver Tips are Handcrafted by Jeanette Dale of the Navajo Nation and have a Coral Stone on each side.  On the inside of one Tip is the official Bilasáana trademark Stamps while the other Tip has a the Jeanette “Dale” and “Sterling” marks. 

The iBand comes with a Universal Ladies laser cut Riveted Water resistant Brown Leather Band v3.5UL as shown. There are fours sizes of the Leather bands available M/L, S/M and XS and XXS. We also have a variety of colors including black, brown, red, blue, brown and green. The iBand shown has the XXS band attached. Choose your desired size at Check Out time. This first of a kind Bilasaana iBand is great for that High Tech girl in your life and will seamlessly integrate with the Apple 38/40mm WATCH. This band shown with Apple Watch Series 4 40mm.

Apple WATCH 38/40mm is NOT included in this purchase.