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Native American Apple WATCH Eagle Head Charging Stand (Profile)

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This purchase includes a Native American Eagle Head Apple WATCH Charging Stand as shown. Apple WATCH, Bilasaana Turquoise and Silver iBand nor Apple Lightning Charging Cable included in this purchase.

This Eagle Head Apple WATCH Charging Stand is handcrafted by Leonard Tso of the Navajo Nation. The Eagle Head is made of lime stone and has a firm stone base with a Charging Adapter Stone. The Charging Adapter Stone is made of Soap Stone and has leather surrounding the hole that will firmly hold an Apple Lighting Cable while your Apple WATCH safely charges. The underside of the stand has Leonard's Signature marks and circular non-scratch felt pads. The Eagle Charging Stand will work with most 38mm or 42mm Apple WATCH bands.

Apple WATCH, Bilasaana Turquoise and Silver iBand and Apple WATCH Charging Cable are NOT included. Only the Eagle Charging Stand is included in this purchase.