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Theresa Hunt #2 38/40/41mm S/M Beaded Laser cut Leather Apple Watch Band #2

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This purchase includes a Beaded Laser cut Leather iBand for Apple WATCH 38/40/41mm. The Apple WATCH is not included.

This Laser cut beaded leather band works with Apple Watch Series 1 38mm thru Series 5 40mm thru Series 7 41mm and is the M/L size. The Bead work is done by Theresa Hunt of the Navajo Nation. The beads are made of glass and have a has a silver colored theme that matches the metallic silver leather band. The leather is about 1.2mm thick. This is our 1.0 version of the leather band. The bead work is sewn onto the leather. Only the S/M is available with this band. The bands work with Apple Watches Series 1 38mm thru Series 5 40mm thru Series 7 41mm. 

Apple WATCH 38/40/41mm is NOT included in this purchase.