About us

Bilasáana in the Navajo Language translates to Apple. Bilasáana in modern terms translates into a modern day technology company that combines the ancient arts and traditions of the past to the now and into the future. Bilasáana creates and distributes modern Native American handcrafted Apple Accessories for the iPhone, iPad and the Apple WATCH.

New Products

Bilasáana brings a enitrely new line of products to the Native American market world wide. Specially sized Native iRugs to ward evil vibrating or Haptic spirits, Native iBands for Apple WATCH and Native iCases for iPhone all authentic hand crafted pieces created by the people of the Navajo Nation. We are creating modern day uses and applications for ancient Native American Crafts. We have created the first Native Selfie stick and are working iPhone Stands, WATCH Charging stands and more. The earth and the mind are the limits.

Arts and Crafts Renaissance

Bilasáana will create vast new opportunities within the Navajo Nation for old school and emerging modern day artists. Weavers creating iRugs, Silversmiths creating iBands and iCases and all interacting and innovating thus creating prosperity and new world wide interest in Authentic Handcrafted Native American culture and products.


Bilasáana products are available for purchase via the World Wide Web from the www.bilasaana.com website. The site is the main internet hub for the business selling products, featuring artists and providing interesting information about the company.

Dynamic Market

Apple products are always changing so Bilasáana is always be changing too. This creates job security for Bilasáana vendors, employees and investors because all will be evolving at the rate of the World's biggest Technology company, Apple Inc.

Software and Digital

Bilasáana also is the creator of Native American Software specifically designed for Apple products. The FACEPLATE App changes the faceplate of Apple WATCH to a Native American symbol the user chooses.

Internet Domain Names

Bilasáana owns the following domain names from which websites can be and are hosted. www.bilasaana.com www.bilisana.com . Again the Navajo term "bilasáana" translates to Apple. There is a chance someday that Apple Inc may want to aquire the Navajo translastions of the term 'Apple' on the web. 

Recycle Program

Bilasáana will buy back your sterling silver Bilasáana products when you are ready to upgrade to your next device. No more wasting your money on plastic and non recyclable products.

Ancestory Program

Bilasáana Sterling Silver products are hallmarked 'Sterling Silver' with a Bilasáana™ mark and the Artist's Mark. All Artist Marks will be traceable to the Artist who created the piece via the Bilasáana website search engines which will integrate with Ancestry.com APIs to store and retrieve the information

Open Source Designs

Bilasáana designs are available to Artists in the Bilasaana Artist program. For a nominal fee the Artist can download and use design specs to build their own pieces which could be considered for sale at the Bilasáana online store or where ever the artist chooses.

Brick and Mortar

Bilasáana brick and mortar locations provide Centers for retail product sales, Apple product services and vendor services. Supplies used by the Native Vendors to create their custom handmade products can be purchased online or at retail locations. Vendors can also sell or consign their products online or at the Center. Retail Bilasáana Kiosks will be located in shopping malls and technology stores, or better yet located within a Apple Inc Store.


Bilasáana is working with Artists on a Piece by Peice basis where the Artists will be submitted a Work Order and paid upon completion of the Work Order. Bilasaana will provide specs, prototypes, materials and a list of general requirements to help build the product.

Venture Capital

Bilasáana is currently seeking venture capital to create the main Bilasáana Brick and Mortar Cloud Center, create prototypes of concept products and fund application and web development.

Corporate and Government

Bilasáana will have the opportunity to become an integral part of corporate and government funding. Recently Intel invested $750,000 into the Navajo Code Talkers. Apple Inc. has a diversity fund of 50 million dollars. Bilasáana would like to join Apple with the Navajo Nation into this cultural rennesiance. Also Bilasáana make great gifts and a Company such as Apple could order thousands of items as gifts to employees. The US Government could fund a program which encourages Native American Artist to return to their creative roots and create Native Apple products and Technology. The Navajo nation is invited to join in the renaissance and take an active interest in the company.

Bilasáana University

Bilasáana University is a modern Technological Center of Culture and Diversity. Modern day Silversmithing and Weaving classes side by side with product design and other modern technology such as programming and user experience.