Faceplates FAQ

Version 3.3

  • Question: I can't get the Faceplates to Show up on the WATCH
    Answer: Read the help screens in the App they will show you how start the Watch app and choose the Faceplates folder for syncing
  • Question: What is a Faceplate?
    Answer: We call the images that show up as backgrounds on the Apple WATCH Faceplates
  • Question: The time and date are not properly positioned I want them on the top of the Watch Face.
    Answer1: From the WATCH force touch the face until it clicks into the selector mode. Scroll to and click New+. From there scroll vertically to the correct Photo Album layout with the Date and Time aka Complications located near the top of the WATCH.
    Answer2: User the WATCH App and choose Complications. Find and adjust the Photo Album Complications by setting them above or below
  • Question: I have two watches paired and when I change the folder sometimes it doesn't update the watch images.
    Answer1: Try restarting the phone and watch to get things updated.