Bilasaana Owner Charles Lynch

Charles Lynch Central Coast Compassionate Caregivers 2006Bilasaana Founder Charles Lynch has been under federal prosecution for almost 17 years for operating a perfectly run City Sanctioned and Licensed Medical Marijuana Dispensary in California. Lynch was prosecuted under Federal Law while every dispensary in America operates in violation of Federal Law to this day because THC>.3% is still schedule I. Lynch was decades ahead of the curve in the Cannabis Industry and created Bilasaana because he has been disenfranchised from White America due to his ongoing Federal Medical marijuana Prosecution and understands the plight of the Navajo and Indian People better than most. Lynch sold his stakes in the Cannabis industry and invested in the Navajo people creating a new industry and new opportunities for the People of the Navajo Nation. A hearing for dismissal is set for January 22, 2024 in Los Angeles Federal Court. The Brick-and-Mortar Bilasaana store will be closed from January 19th, 2024 through the 25th so Lynch can attend the hearing. The online store will be open during this time, but shipping may be delayed until after January 25th. Read more about Charles Lynch's ongoing federal prosecution here at Thank you for your support. Bilasaana where culture and technology meet!