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Dwight Nathaniel Beaded Handle Blue Tooth Selfie Stick #3

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This purchase includes a Bilasáana Native American handcrafted Beaded handle Selfie Stick. Dwight Nathaniel of the Navajo Nation did amazing work designing and building the brightly colored beaded handle. Colors include a grey base with black, purple, yellow and turquoise beads. The stick has a total length of about 28 inches, about 24 inches of Selfie Extension and will hold a phone about 3.5 inches wide. The stick collapses nicely into a small hand sized object and has a wrist strap for holding on to while you are on the go.  This Selfie Stick should work with any phone that supports wireless Bluetooth. You pair the stick with your phone no wires required.

iPhone 5 NOT included. Bilasáana Silver iCase sold separately.