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Elouise Bia Chinle Mini Rug for large iPhone

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Handmade Chinle Mini Tapestry iRug by Elouise Bia of the Navajo Nation. iRug Measures about 8 1/2" x  6 1/2" made using Fine Tapestry Wool Thread. Chinle rugs typically feature bands of repeating geometric motifs alternated with plain or striped bands of contrasting colors. Common colors for Chinle rugs include yellow, gold, brown, tan, terra cotta, soft pink and other earth tones, as well as natural wool colors ranging from white to black.This is a rare handmade item and can be used to rest and charge your Apple iPhone as shown.

This Purchase includes only the Rug Shown. This Purchase does NOT include the Apple WATCH, iPhone or any other Accessory shown for Demonstration Purposes.