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Laser Cut Leather Expansion Bands (Tapered)

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These are our Tapered Leather bands used on Bilasaana Apple Watch bands. The bands may also work on many Watch tips bands. With this purchase you get one complete leather band and your choice of size and color. 

The ends of the bands are about the width of the old school metal expansion bands 13mm (1/2 inch) and can slip through a watch tip slot. One may need to file the hole wider to accommodate different thicknesses of leather. A small rectangular file will help to form the loophole.

We include a Tandy Button and Extra rivets. You will need to rivet the band onto your tips and may need a riveting tool to do this. It's pretty easy a couple good taps with a small hammer. We have been leaving the last rivet hole un punched as you may need to move the hole around depending on the watch tips. You will need a 2mm leather punch to punch a rivet hole. If you like we can punch the last hole for you. On most of the bands there is a laser mark that shows you where to punch the last hole. 

The bands come in a variety of sizes and colors including 38/40/41mm, 42/44/45mm, X/S, S/M and M/L. Colors include Red, Green, Turquoise, Brown, Black and Maroon. The thickness of the leather is also important and varies between 1mm and 1.5mm. 

The bands have a Bilasaana version mark, currently v5.1, and the Size lasered onto the top side. The leather bands are cut by a Glow Forge laser. We clean and buff the bands and apply a color dye and then sometimes a resolene finish on the inside that makes the bands Water Resistant.

Here is what you get:

1 Laser Cut Leather Band (1.0 - 1.5mm mm thick) 
3 Mini Rivets
1 5mm Button

Choose your color Red, Green, Turquoise, Brown, Black or Maroon. 

Allow up to 2 weeks delivery for items not in stock. 

Apple Watch and Sterling Silver Bilasáana Watch Tips are not included in this purchase. Ahéhee'