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Sterling Silver Tony Chino Disc Popping Phone Socket #11

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This purchase includes an authentic Sterling Silver Disc Popping Phone Socket. The Sterling Silver Disc is handmade by Tony Chino a Pueblo Indian. The top side has a spiney oyster stone and a Zia stamp design. The Popping Phone Socket is a collapsible plastic grip and stand for your phone and works with many different phones. The Popping Phone Socket is about 40mm x 40mm x 8mm when it is flattened and 40mm x 40mm x 16mm when expanded half ways and 40mm x 40mm x 24mm when fully popped out. The Socket is red colored and has a 3M sticky pad on the back. Just remove the 3M film, carefully position and stick it to the back of your phone. Great for Fidgeting!

Apple iPhone and Sterling Silver iPhone case not included in this purchase. This purchase includes only the Silver Disc Popping Phone Socket.